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Queen for a Day….

January 18th, 2011

Oh, how we love our Queen of Love chair!! Made out of heavy duty PVC plastic, it can be used inside or out, for adults or kids! paint, mud, and food all wash right off.  Surprisingly it’s one of the most comfortable chairs in the store too!!


Want Some Small Town Charm?

January 12th, 2011

Come live in Henderson! Lorraine has a cute 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house for rent on the corner of South Main and Collins Street.  Freshly repainted, new kitchen counters and cabinets, and a renovated bathroom.  Call 903-657-1230 or email for details. No smokers or pets please! (:

Who wouldn’t want to see this everyday when they left home?!

Update: We had a lovely girl rent this cute little house! Thanks for looking!

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Wise Old Owl

January 12th, 2011

Kristy Shilling is our other jewelry designer here at Plan It Home.  Her designs are unique and completely handmade.  She doesn’t use cast or pre-formed charms, but individually makes each one so that they have details about them that are one-of-a-kind to the particular piece.

E-mail us at or call at 903-657-1230 if you’re interested!

Don T. Givahoot is wearing Porkchop! He is on a 24″ chain and is $65-.{XOXO charm; love charm; pearls;24″; $65}

{xoxo on copper circle; silver heart; 18″;$35-}

{Copper heart; silver “forever…”; pearl; 18″; $58-}

{Silver heart with “love”; 18″;$58-}

{“wish” on copper with dandelion; pearl; 18″; $34-}

{Bronze crown add-on charm; $25-}

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